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Significance of rare-earth upconversion
    —  improve visible emission resulted from IR excitation and complex photo-dynamics

Do you want to have a better control on visible emission from rare-earth-doped nanoparticles, simulating the complex photo-physics first and then running real experiments? Do you want to model upconversion processes in laser or amplifier materials that result in visible light emission following infrared (IR) excitation? If your current simulation software has reached its limits and is failing to accurately model rare-earth photo-physics, you can try our simulation program, SimphoSOFT®.

In this webinar, we demonstrate how to simulate very complex photophysical processes in Yb/Er co-doped material where the model includes eight Er energy levels, two Yb levels and thirty-one photo-physical transitions involving ground state absorption, excited state absorption, energy transfer, energy transfer upconversion, upconversion, radiative relaxation and nonradiative relaxation. We show how to calculate the number of IR photons absorbed, the number of visible photons emitted and the resulting quantum yield for each emitting wavelength. Critical parameters, which influence emission levels and quantum yields, are determined and discussed.

We offer 3 sessions to cover participants from many different Time Zones. On the right you can see the examples of local times corresponding to USA Eastern Daylight Times. In the registration form, please, choose the most convenient time for you:

New York time: Corresponding worldwide time examples:
Session 1 21 May   —   8:00 (EDT)

(best time) London: 13:00 | Berlin: 14:00 | Delhi: 17:30
(late) Beijing: 20:00 | Tokyo: 21:00 | Sydney: 22:00

Session 2 21 May   —   12:00 noon (EDT)

Vancouver: 9:00 | New York: noon | Buenos Aires: 13:00
(late) Delhi: 21:30 | Beijing: night (夜)

Session 3 21 May   —   21:00 (EDT)

(22 May) Beijing: 9:00 | Tokyo: 10:00 | Sydney: 11:00
(early) Delhi: 6:30

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