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Full-scale ring resonator modeling with multiple passes
    —  SimphoSOFT® gain materials integrated into VirtualLab™

Are you looking for accurate simulation software for full-scale modeling ring resonators and amplifiers? Is your software general enough to allow modeling complicated energy level diagrams and multiple optical transitions? With SimphoSOFT gain materials integrated into VirtualLab you can analyze in detail ring resonator performance and simulate eigenmode formation based on accurate photokinetics of gain element.

During this Webinar we demonstrate how to setup ring resonator experiment in VirtualLab and integrate SimphoSOFT gain photokinetics into simulation via SimphoSOFT supporting projects. Fox Li algorithm script, provided by VirtualLab, is used to perform multiple round trips within ring resonator. Modeling of repetitive excitation of gain material is done by using a new SimphoSOFT feature – Excitation Map.

You can learn more about integration of SimphoSOFT® with VirtualLab™ here.

We offer 3 sessions to cover participants from many different Time Zones. On the right you can see the examples of local times corresponding to USA Eastern Daylight Times. In the registration form, please, choose the most convenient time for you:

New York time: Corresponding worldwide time examples:
Session 1 22 Jul   —   8:00 (EDT)

(best time) London: 13:00 | Berlin: 14:00 | Delhi: 17:30
(late) Beijing: 20:00 | Tokyo: 21:00 | Sydney: 22:00

Session 2 22 Jul   —   12:00 noon (EDT)

Vancouver: 9:00 | New York: noon | Buenos Aires: 13:00
(late) Delhi: 21:30 | Beijing: 24:00 night (夜)

Session 3 22 Jul   —   21:00 (EDT)

(23 July) Beijing: 9:00 | Tokyo: 10:00 | Sydney: 11:00
(early) Delhi: 6:30

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