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Simphotek -company- Light Interactions Matter

Rare-earth dopant simulations
    —  explore photo-physics in depth with SimphoSOFT® ET add-on

What if your current simulation software can not accurately model rare-earth photo-physics because its model is fixed and you cannot add extra energy levels and transition? Do you need a more detailed analysis of rare-earth interaction with a fast laser? Our simulation program SimphoSOFT® ET enables adding unlimited number of energy levels and ET transitions, accurately recognizes dominating processes, detects photo-bleaching, optimize dopant concentrations and more.

In this Webinar, we start with laser beam properties, sample parameters and example rare-earth-dopant energy level diagrams and show the effects of energy transfer, upconversion and cross-relaxation.

We offer 3 sessions to cover participants from many different Time Zones. On the right you can see the examples of local times corresponding to USA Eastern Daylight Times. In the registration form, please, choose the most convenient time for you:

New York time: Corresponding worldwide time examples:
Session 1 19 March   —   8:00 (EDT)

(best time) London: 12:00 | Berlin: 13:00 | Delhi: 17:30
(late) Beijing: 20:00 | Tokyo: 21:00 | Sydney: 23:00

Session 2 19 March   —   12:00 noon (EDT)

Vancouver: 9:00 | New York: noon | Buenos Aires: 13:00
(late) Delhi: 21:30 | Beijing: night (夜)

Session 3 19 March   —   21:00 (EDT)

(20 March) Beijing: 9:00 | Tokyo: 10:00 | Sydney: 12:00
(early) Delhi: 6:30

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