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SimphoSOFT Info+: Introducing information portal of multi-photon absorbers properties
    —  find the best absorbing material published the last 2 decades

Are you tired of spending hours doing library searches to see what other people have already discovered about multi-photon absorber materials? Are you tired of searching through your unorganized collection of multi-photon absorber papers looking for a specific optical parameter? Do you want to easily see the entire range of published values for the two-photon absorption cross-section or the full range of published fluorescence emission lifetimes?

SimphoSOFT® Info+ is the world’s first, comprehensive, searchable database for multi-photon absorber molecules. With MPA Info+, you have the published results for over 1,000 multi-photon absorber materials and over 20,000 parameter values at your fingertips. For each material, there is a full-page description of the optical parameters, chemical structure, energy level diagram and applications for the material along with an associated reference.

During the Webinar we will show how using simple, intuitive search procedures, you can find a material with desired photo-physical properties in seconds rather than hours or days. The following typical search scenarios will be explained: list all materials that absorb in your desired wavelength range, choosing the best material within desired emission/absorption range. You may search for values of particular optical parameters or search for particular applications, keywords, authors, material types, measurement types, country of publication, date of publication and much more.

We offer 3 time slots to cover participants from many different Time Zones. On the right you can see the examples of local times corresponding to USA Eastern Daylight Times. Best local time slots are listed in the first rows, while less convenient local time is given in the second rows. In the registration form, please, choose the most convenient time for you:

Time: 11 December   —   11:00 (EST)

Vancouver: 8:00 | New York: noon | Buenos Aires: 13:00
(late) Delhi: 21:30 | Beijing: 12:00 midnight (午夜)

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