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Simphotek launches a series of online Webinars to help our potential clients determining whether the company simulation software SimphoSOFT® is the right numerical tool for their applications and to guide our current customers though simulation process leveraging all its benefits to maximize the outcome.

A typical Webinar runs from 30 to 45 minutes and includes some time for Q&A. We use user-friendly GoToMeeting video conferencing service to run all our Webinars in real time. You can register to our webinars by pressing Register button in the table below. Each entry in the table contains a short synopsis of the Webinar, the link to its webpage, and scheduled date(s) and time(s) – move your mouse over a desired row to see the details. Once you register, we will send you all the necessary instructions how to join the Webinar.

We hope you will enjoy our Webinars and we would appreciate to any feedback from you.

Simphotek upcoming Webinars

Date Topic Access
not scheduled Full-scale ring resonator modeling with multiple passes
    —  SimphoSOFT® gain materials integrated into VirtualLab™
   22 July   —   8:00 (EDT)
   22 July   —   12:00 noon (EDT)
   22 July   —   21:00 (EDT)

Are you looking for accurate simulation software for full-scale modeling ring resonators and amplifiers? Is your software general enough to allow modeling complicated energy level diagrams and multiple optical transitions? With SimphoSOFT gain materials integrated into VirtualLab you can analyze in detail ring resonator performance and simulate eigenmode formation based on accurate photokinetics of gain element. During this Webinar we show how to setup ring resonator experiment in VirtualLab and integrate SimphoSOFT gain photokinetics into simulation.

not scheduled Modeling of active components and devices
    —  Integrate SimphoSOFT® active modeling into VirtualLab™
   4 Mar   —   8:00 (EST)
   4 Mar   —   12:00 noon (EST)
   4 Mar   —   21:00 (EST)

Do you need an accurate simulation tool for modeling linear and nonlinear optical processes in passive and active devices? Is your software general enough to allow modeling complicated energy level diagrams and multiple optical transitions? Learn about new solution for you: SimphoSOFT modules are now integrated into VirtualLab. During this Webinar we show how to model gain or highly absorptive devices in VirtualLab by forwarding photo-active part setup and simulation to SimphoSOFT.

not scheduled Significance of rare-earth upconversion
    —  improve visible emission resulted from IR excitation and complex photodynamics
   21 May   —   8:00 (EDT)
   21 May   —   12:00 noon (EDT)
   21 May   —   21:00 (EDT)

Do you want to have a better control on visible emission from rare-earth-doped nanoparticles, simulating the complex photo-physics first and then running real experiments? Is your current software general enough to include an arbitrary number of levels of Yb/Er ions and many upconversion and energy transfer transitions, triggered by infrared (IR) excitation? With SimphoSOFT you can model very complex photo-physical process in Yb/Er and find the optimal parameters to maximize the output. During this Webinar we show how to model systems with 8 Er, 2 Yb levels and 31 photo-physical transitions, and show what parameters are critical in understanding and improving the emission.
not scheduled Rare-earth dopant simulations
    —  explore photo-physics in depth with SimphoSOFT® ET add-on
   19 March   —   8:00 (EDT)
   19 March   —   12:00 noon (EDT)
   19 March   —   21:00 (EDT)

What if your current simulation software can not accurately model rare-earth photo-physics because its model is fixed and you cannot add extra energy levels and transition? Do you need a more detailed analysis of rare-earth interaction with a fast laser? Our simulation program SimphoSOFT® ET enables adding unlimited number of energy levels and ET transitions, accurately recognizes dominating processes, detects photo-bleaching, optimize dopant concentrations and more. Join this Webinar to explore these features in more detail with our professional.
not scheduled Modeling multi-photon absorbers (MPAs)
    —  set your energy level diagram graphically and run simulation
   12 Mar.   —   8:00 (EDT)
   12 Mar.   —   12:00 noon (EDT)
   12 Mar.   —   21:00 (EDT)

Can you quickly model multiphoton absorption and excited state absorption for applications such as optical limiting? What if you need to add an extra energy level or an electronic transition to your original energy level diagram to numerically validate your hypothesis? With SimphoSOFT®, users can easily create energy level diagrams of arbitrary complexity in a graphical interface (GUI) and run simulation right away – no additional scripts or code is necessary when the diagram is updated. Join this Webinar to see how to setup energy level diagrams and run simulation on the example of a two-photon absorbing optical limiter AF455. You will see what happens when additional energy levels and transitions are added.
not scheduled Modeling pulsed and CW thulium-doped optical amplification
    —  analyze critical parameters to enhance amplification performance
   5 Mar.   —   7:00 (EST)
   5 Mar.   —   12:00 noon (EST)
   5 Mar.   —   21:00 (EST)

Can you quickly model and optimize optical amplification in rare-earth-doped materials? Do you know the critical parameters of the material that make the output amplification optimal? Does your current software allow you to easily set up an energy level diagram for your material? With SimphoSOFT®, users can easily create energy level diagrams of arbitrary complexity in a graphical user interface and run simulations right away – no additional scripts or code is necessary when the diagram is updated. This is very important for rare-earth-doped materials used for amplification that can have many active energy levels and that can undergo several types of energy transfer processes. Join this webinar to see examples of pulsed and continuous-wave (CW) amplification in thulium-doped materials. In both cases, you will see how to set up the material models using SimphoSOFT’s Multi-Beam feature and how to drastically enhance the amplification performance.
not scheduled SimphoSOFT Info+: Introducing first information portal of multi-photon absorbers properties
    —  find the best absorbing material published the last 2 decades
   11 Dec.   —   11:00 (EST)

Are you tired of spending hours doing library searches to see what other people have already discovered about multi-photon absorber materials? Do you remember how long does it take to fetch a specific optical parameter from a big pile of scientific papers collected in years?
Simphotek’s MPA Info+ is the world’s first, comprehensive, searchable database for multi-photon absorber molecules which contains records of over 1,000 multi-photon materials. What makes this database unique is that you have an access to over 20,000 absorption and relaxation parameters values collected from scientific publications over the last 2 decades. During the Webinar we will show how using simple, intuitive search procedures, you can find a material with desired photo-physical properties in seconds rather than hours or days.
not scheduled SimphoSOFT® Z-scan add-on
    —  accurate fit of multi-photon absorption cross-sections
   6 August   —   8:00 (EDT)
   6 August   —   21:00 (EDT)

If you cannot explain the results of Z-scan simulation or a numerical fit of multi-photon absorption coefficient does not seem to be accurate enough, you may want to try our simulation tool – SimphoSOFT Z-scan add-on. In this Webinar we start from the basic functionality of our Z-scan simulation tool and explain scenarios where a traditional two-level approximation model fails to accurately predict two-photon absorption cross-section.

SimphoSOFT® can be purchased as a single program and can be also configured with Energy Transfer add-on ET add-on, Multi-Beam add-on Multi-beam add-on, Optimization add-on Optimization add-on, and Z-scan add-on Z-scan add-on, and MPA Info+ add-on MPA Info+ add-on for an additional charge. Please, contact our sales staff for more information
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