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What it is

The SimphoSOFT® suite of applications is a revolutionary CAD type application platform for modeling complex, time-dependent interactions of light with user specified single- and multi-layer photoactivated materials (exhibiting absorption, relaxation, energy transfer, stimulated emission among other nonlinear phenomena). It enables numerical simulation of the dynamic interaction of incident beams of coherent light with photonic material without the need to formulate situation specific mathematical equations and program code.

Why it is unique

Simphotek has developed a computational approach in which photo-physical light interaction with matter is described in terms of Active Photonics Building Blocks (APBB), which are easy to define in a graphical user interface (GUI) and which link GUI with a mathematical kernel of SimphoSOFT®, which models light propagation and interaction with photonic active materials. Instead of spending considerable amount of time in developing a new numerical method for solving coupled rate and propagation equations describing light interaction with a particular material, a user only defines electronic transitions and energy levels, as well as defining geometric properties of virtual experimental components. SimphoSOFT® does the rest.

What you can do

Users can configure a coherent light source and test samples, single- or multi-layered, with material layers comprised of photoactive species dispersed in a non-photoactive medium. Users need to define the following properties in a CAD environment:
  • material properties (index of refraction, single or multi-photon absorption coefficients, electron relaxation times, energy transfer rates, stimulation emission coefficients, chemical reaction rates)
  • single laser beam properties (wavelength, energy, beam size and pulse width), or properties of multiple beams
  • materials electronic structure (Jablonski diagram, energy levels, allowed transitions)
SimphoSOFT® predicts how the light propagates through material, interacts with it and is modulated by it. Users can also optimize any photophysical and geometric parameter of the target material and laser.


  • SimphoSOFT: the basic program package and environment modeling multi-photon absorbers [Explore]
  • SimphoSOFT-ET: an advance version to enable work with energy-transfer phenomena
  • SimphoSOFT-Optim: an advanced version to enable optimization of results to fit experimental data and extract unknown material parameters
  • SimphoSOFT-Multi-Beam: an advanced version to enable co-propagation of several different pulses within a photo-activated material.
  • SimphoSOFT-Zscan: an advanced version to enable characterization of photoactivated materials by fitting Z-scan measurements to our open-aperture Z-scan model [Explore]
  • MPA Info+: a material database program which provide an access to thousands of photo-physical properties of multi-photon absorbing (MPA) materials [Explore]