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Simphotek -company- Light Interactions Matter
Mary Potasek Ph.D., President -- Dr. Potasek’s resume includes research and development at Columbia University, New York University and Bell Laboratories and the Air Force Research Laboratory. Her work encompasses both numerical simulations (light-matter interactions, electromagnetic fields, optoelectronics) and optical, nuclear and low-temperature experiments. She has raised and managed more than $6.5 M in government funding for work in photonics and directed the work of graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. As director of Optics for a $40M telecommunication startup company in Dallas, TX. and managed the design of a new photonics-based network. Dr. Potasek is a Phi Beta Kappa member, NATO fellow, Senior Member of IEEE, SPIE and a recipient of Outstanding Achievement Award from Bell Laboratories, Ph.D. in Physics, University of Illinois, Urbana, IL.
E. Gene Parilov Ph.D., Executive Vice President -- Dr. Parilov’s brings more than 10 years of academic research and development experience (including work at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences), with extensive experience in computer simulation for nonlinear optics, photorealistic (real-time) rendering and computer modeling (including artificial human skin), computer graphics, computer vision algorithms for detecting micro/macro curvilinear structures, statistical modeling of real-world natural patterns, computational geometry, system programming, and close-up photography. He also has 4 years of managerial experience in sales at L’Oreal Paris, Russian branch. Dr. Parilov earned his PhD from New York University; New York NY, in Computer Science. Dr. Parilov also has a degree in marketing and an MS in Applied Mathematics from Novosibirsk State University.
Karl Beeson Ph.D., Vice President -- Dr. Beeson has more than 20 years of product development experience in both small and large technology organizations, and is a co-founder (With Dr. Potasek) of Simphotek. Simphotek is not his first startup, and he previously co-founded Goldeneye Inc, based in Carlsbad, CA. He has also supervised optical device design and product development groups in new venture organizations at both Corning and Honeywell. Dr. Beeson is an inventor on 50 issued U.S. patents, with more than 15 additional patent applications pending. Dr. Beeson earned his PhD at the University of Illinois; Urbana, Illinois in Physics.