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It is well known in the Photonics industry and academia that searching through online or print published sources for photo-physical characteristics of multi-photon absorbing (MPA) materials can be a tedious, time consuming and expensive process. Imagine a task of finding an MPA material with the largest known absorption coefficient absorbing light within a desired wavelength range. It can take hours, if not days, to find such a material, and possibly extra days to verify the search.

Simphotek's MPA Info+ is the world's first, comprehensive, searchable database containing detailed photo-physical properties of over 1,000 multi-photon absorber molecules. Its main purpose is to help experimentalists, photo-physics or photo-chemist researchers, and medical investigators to quickly and easily find optimal MPA materials with desired photo-physical characteristics, cross-referenced to the recent publications.

Professionals using MPA in fields such as biomedical imaging, confocal microscopy, micro- and nano-lithography, 3D optical data storage, light-induced drug delivery, STED microscopy, Photo dynamic therapy (PDT), laser protection, and a host of other photonics applications, will benefit from using Simphotek's MPA Info+ material database on a regular basis.

Collection of photo-physical properties

The unique feature of this database is that you have an access to over 20,000 absorption and relaxation characteristics of MPA materials collected from scientific publications over the last 2 decades. Chemical formulae and systematic names of over 1,000 MPA materials are pulled together with absorption cross-sections and spectra characteristics, images of reconstructed energy level diagrams, quantum yields, extinction coefficients etc.

Comprehensive search for the best material

You can quickly find the best published material with optimal parameters within a desired set of requirements by using our intuitive and easy-to-use Google-like search dialog. No preliminary knowledge of the database content is required to start efficiently searching for materials with desired characteristics – just start typing what you have in mind and Info+ will lead you to the correct search expression.

Continue modeling using SimphoSOFT with confidence

You do not stop after you find the best material for your application with MPA Info+. With our SimphoSOFT® simulation software you can accurately model, analyze in depth and optimize the found material. Not only can you validate the material performance according to the published results and measurements, but you can also improve the performance of the material by tweaking some of the geometric parameters, molecular concentration etc. You are minutes away from testing and validating new materials – not days or weeks.

SimphoSOFT® Info+ Material Database at a glance.

    Each database entry has the following fields

    • Materials name
    • Chemical structure diagram
    • SMILES, chemical formula
    • Energy level diagram
    • 1PA, 2PA, 3PA spectrum and cross-sections
    • ISC relaxation rate
    • Extinction coefficient
    • Fluorescence/phosphorescence emission spectrum
    • Decay times of fluorescence/phosphorescence
    • Fluorescence/phosphorescence quantum yield
    • Singlet oxygen quantum yield
    • Nonlinear measurement method
    • Scientific publication reference

    Desired materials can be searched by

    • Application
    • Keywords
    • Material category
    • Publication authors
    • Country of origin
    • Type of measurement

    More advanced inquiries are also available

    • Find the largest cross-section
    • Find materials emitting light in a given wavelength range

    Materials can be searched by their applications

    • Bio-imaging
    • Calcium imaging
    • Cell imaging
    • Confocal microscopy
    • DNA detection
    • Electron decay times
    • Endoscopy
    • Energy level diagram
    • Energy transfer
    • Excited state absorption
    • Experimental methods
    • Fluorescence imaging
    • Fluorescence microscopy
    • Fluorescence probes
    • Fluorescence proteins
    • Internal conversion
    • Intersystem crossing
    • Linear and nonlinear spectroscopy
    • Micron and nano size fabrication
    • Molecular structures
    • Multi-photon absorption/emission
    • Nonlinear transmission
    • Nonlinear absorption probes
    • Optical data storage
    • Optical limiting
    • Photodynamic therapy
    • Photoluminescence
    • Single photon absorption/emission
    • Singlet oxygen
    • Singlet/triplet states
    • STED
    • Synthesis and characterization
    • Structure-property relationships
    • Theoretical analysis
    • TPEF
    • Vascular bio-imaging
    • Z-scan

    Materials of these types are collected in the database

    • Anthracene derivatives
    • Azoaromatic moieties
    • Azulenyl compounds
    • Benzothiazoles derivatives
    • Benzo[h]chromene-2 derivatives
    • Bioconjugate probes
    • Bis-Terpyridyl-stilbene derivatives
    • Bis(styryl)benzene derivatives
    • Branched conjugates
    • Bromine substituted p-nitrostilbene drv
    • Caged compounds
    • Chromophores
    • Cyanine dyes
    • Cysteine derivatives
    • Dendrimers
    • Dendritic chromophores
    • D-π-A-π-D, D-π-D, D-A chromophores
    • Dipicolinic derivatives
    • Dipolar chromophores
    • Dithienocoronene Diimide
    • Compounds containing europium (III)
    • Fluorescent proteins
    • Fluorophores
    • Fluorene derivatives
    • Heterafluorenes
    • Graphene oxide
    • Metalloporphyrins
    • Multiporphyrins
    • Octupolar molecules
    • Orange/red fluorescent dyes
    • Organoplatinum chromophores
    • Paracyclophanes
    • Phenylacetylene
    • Phenylene-vinylene derivatives
    • Phthalocyanine derivatives
    • Platinum acetylide chromophores
    • Polymeric materials
    • Porphyrin dimers,oligomers,array
    • Pyrrole derivatives
    • Pyrene derivatives
    • Ruthenium complexes
    • Stilbene derivatives
    • Squaraine dyes
    • Star shaped octupolar triazatruxenes
    • Styryl derivatives
    • Tetraphenylporphycenes
    • Triphenylamine derivatives
    • Thiophene derivatives
    • Triazine derivatives
    • V-shaped organic complexes
    • Zn(II) -fluorophores

    Find materials that absorb in your desired wavelength range

    Look for materials that absorb in desired wavelength range for 1PA, 2PA or 3PA and emit in a particular wavelength range with large enough 2PA or 3PA coefficients for the laser power they are using. E.g.: MPA absorption range is 600—700 nm, while the emission range is 400—600 nm.

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    Choose the best material within desired emission/absorption range

    If you are a microscopist/biologist/industry applicant, having a choice of lasers at 600, 800, 2000 nm and you want to observe emission at 500, 800, 2100 nm, using 2PA/3PA material as a probe, then you can search for the best candidate material with the largest 2PA or 3PA cross-section.

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    Identify material with Info+ and prototype samples with SimphoSOFT

    If an available 1064 nm laser has an intensity of 1 GW/cm2, what absorption coefficient is needed to limit the output at, for example, 0.5 GW/cm2. Info+ helps you to find a set of candidate materials with large MPA cross-sections, while using SimphoSOFT you can model material behavior under given intensity and find the right concentration and the sample size to achieve the target limiting levels.

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    Start collaboration

    If you want a published material that was made by a group, for example, in Germany over the last 3 years on diphenylaniline derivatives, you can easily find it with Info+ by providing multiple search criteria. You can continue the search to see if any other group worked on the same material.

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Database can be purchased as a stand-alone product, SimphoSOFT® MPA Info+ , or as a MPA Info+ add-on MPA Info+ add-on integrated to Simphotek SimphoSOFT® simulation tool. Please, contact our sales staff for more information.
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Simphotek offers a free sample of MPA Info+ in the form of a datasheet of typical MPA material properties.
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