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Simphotek -company- Light Interactions Matter

SimphoSOFT reduces the number of steps for photophysical simulations in place of the many tedious steps involved in traditional simulations of photoactivated species

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NONE of the existing modeling software (R-Soft, Optiwave, FRED, ZEMAX, Code V, ASAP, TracePro) allows full-scale micro-level simulation of light interacting with active materials and devices by considering their energy level diagram. Other products are limited to linear, passive nonlinear effects, or consider fixed pre-configured excitation systems.

SimphoSOFT® is the FIRST commercially available software which makes it possible to:

  • graphically define Jablonski energy level diagrams of arbitrary complexity, i.e.,
  • assign arbitrary number of energy levels and transitions to energy level diagram
  • perform on-the-fly, real-time modifications and analyses of the complex photo-physics of light propagation/interaction.
  • simulate multi-layered samples with different combinations of photo-physical effects; e.g., combining organics, polymers, semiconductor quantum dots
  • use mixture of different types of photo-activated molecules, ions or semiconductors within a given layer
  • deploy numerous examples and pre-configured templates provided by a database in the Library of Materials which is frequently updated

Material CAD

This allows user to
  • more accurately predict saturation levels of the materials and devices
  • pre-screen materials at extreme conditions (including ultra-fast powerful lasers)
  • find safe regimes of using desired materials
  • solve inverse problem of fitting photo-physical parameters against bulk material transmission and Z-scan experiments
  • analyze effects of material impurities

Demo: Highlights of SimphoSOFT workflow

Simphotek - how it works - Light Interactions Matter

Application Note SimphoSOFT® Modeling - Validation Testing
  • AF455 Two Photon Absorption Cross Section
  • Yb+3/Er+3 Energy Transfer & Luminescence
Take a look at how SimphoSOFT® can be used for other real-life applications...

Introducing SimphoSOFT Introducing SimphoSOFT® photonics modeling environment

Application Note SimphoSOFT® - Technical presentation
  • Main features
  • How to work with dialogs efficiently
  • Example of configuring energy transfer energy level diagram