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This collection of videos summarizes the case studies of analysis and optimization of selected non-linear materials with the help of our modeling software SimphoSOFT®. For the entire list of case studies proceed to our Application Notes page.


In this video we show how to determine and to use parameters which are critical in optimizing amplification by using SimphoSOFT® Core program and SimphoSOFT Energy Transfer add-on. On the example of pump beam energy as a critical parameter, you will see how amplification rate can be increased and what photokinetic processes lead to it. Users will learn how to define and modify complex energy level diagrams, which include photokinetic effects like upconversion, cross-relaxation, and stimulated emission in rare-earth-doped gain material.

This video will be helpful to professionals who need to optimize performance of their rare-earth gain medium by looking closely to critical photokinetic processes and pump/seed beam parameters.
This video describes the main principles of Simphotek Active Photonics Building Blocks (APBB) algorithm. Users can easily create energy level diagram of arbitrary complexity, by adding and removing energy levels and transitions in SimphoSOFT® Material CAD, with no need to modify the underlying numerical algorithm of solving time-resolved rate equations.

Two-photon absorbing optical limiter, AF455, has been used during SimphoSOFT® simulation.
In this video we advocate that accurate Z-scan modeling is essential when relatively high energies are used for material characterization. SimphoSOFT® is enabled with open-aperture Z-scan optimization add-on which goes beyond conventional two-level model. It is a based on a full solution of rate-equations which allows taking into account higher excited states during fitting.

This video is ideal for optics professionals who largely depend on the accuracy of optimization tool capable of characterizing cross-sections of multi-photon absorbers.

MPA Info+ Finder.

In this introductory video we show how usually tedious and time-consuming task of finding photo-physical properties of single- and multi-photon absorbers can become quick and easy procedure.

We describe how to quickly obtain absorption and relaxation parameters of the materials working with Info+. On the example of simple inquiries, we demonstrate how to find the best material with desired spectral properties, suitable for a particular application. What could have been a half-day journey becomes a minute long simple task.

SimphoSOFT® Introduction demos and video tutorials.

In this short video tutorial we show how to work with rare-earth materials in SimphoSOFT. You will learn how to change energy level diagram, how to add new levels and energy transfer transitions. We will show how to prepare and launch a simulation run, and how to interpret and analyze the results of simulation in SimphoSOFT Plot Creator dialog.

This educational video is ideal for customers who are working with rare-earth materials in attempts to analyze the effects of energy transfer.
This introduction video describes the main features of SimphoSOFT® modeling software and its application areas. Users who are involved in research and manufacturing of photoactivated materials will benefit from using our software in the following crucial tasks: pre-screen materials, extrapolate new conditions, virtual material design and characterize multi-photon absorbing materials.

This video is useful for those who are in search of simulation software which accurately models active materials (e.g., chromophores, rare-earth ions, quantum dots), whose photo-physics is described by non-trivial energy level diagrams.
It is a very quick technical demonstration which illustrates how to navigate the SimphoSOFT® panels and CADs to successfully create a project with a virtual experiment and to run a simulation of laser propagation-interaction with a photoactive material. The graphical output and SimphoSOFT plotting tools are described in detail.

This demo is based on running SimphoSOFT, version 2.0. It is really helpful for those who want to see the software in action and to skip reading program manual. The demo shows actual steps which are usually taken during a typical SimphoSOFT session.

SimphoSOFT® can be purchased as a single program and can be also configured with Energy Transfer add-on ET add-on, Multi-Beam add-on Multi-beam add-on, Optimization add-on Optimization add-on, Z-scan add-on Z-scan add-on, and MPA Info+ add-on MPA Info+ add-on for an additional charge. Please, contact our sales staff for more information
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