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Simphotek -company- Light Interactions Matter
Simphotek Inc is a NJ based Photonics technology company with roots at NYU, Columbia University, and the US Air Force Research Laboratory. Simphotek believes that photonics materials development demands better tools for modeling light-matter interactions for materials fabrication and data analysis. Simphotek has developed a generalized methodology for modeling "active" photonics materials that circumvents traditional, resource intensive, modeling approaches that depend upon time-consuming programming.

Simphotek first product, SimphoSOFT® is a GUI driven application platform, using a CAD environment, that embodies this methodology and relies upon a small set of possible photo-physical interactions handled within the software as Transition Modules. Transition Modules can be used to "construct" a nearly unlimited number of photonic interactions schemes for modeling. The underlying equations for modeling are generated without user intervention by a unique, proprietary differential equations engine linked to the Transition Modules diagram a user builds.

Simphotek Inc is leading state-of-the-art research and development efforts in designing and manufacturing novel photonic materials. We are open for collaboration with Universities, private companies, and government research labs in areas related to light-based medical diagnostics and therapeutics, biophotonics simulations, photonic devise design and optical material photophysical parameter design.

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