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Simphotek -company- Light Interactions Matter

Simphotek Inc is working on creating a large commercial Material Database which will contain descriptions of over a thousand multi-photon materials and structures. The materials properties are collected from peer-reviewed scientific publications and talks published worldwide in the last 2 decades. Such collection never existed before and we believe it would drastically change the way optics professionals, chemists, biologists, industry applicants are developing and optimizing photo-activated materials.

The following four factors make our Database unique and very useful

  • Large MPA database.
It is the first collection of material properties of multi-photon absorbers with over 1,100 entries.
  • No need for publication access.
Searching through publications for a material with desired properties can be very time consuming and costly. Our database has enough information to accurately select a material and with desired properties and compare it with other candidates.
  • Advanced inquiries.
Users will be able to quickly find desired materials by setting advanced search criteria, similar to those provided by existing online search websites, like Google.
  • Import to simulation software.
Users will be able to import the material properties into SimphoSOFT simulation software which allows model photo-active materials with energy level diagrams of arbitrary size and shape.

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