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If you want to quickly evaluate Simphotek products on your own without contacting Simphotek sales staff and avoiding installation and authorization of a trial, you have reached the right place. All you need to have is one of the recent versions of Windows OS (XP, 7, 8) enabled with Remote Desktop Connection (mstsc.exe). You will connect to our server and will try running not only SimphoSOFT® Suite products, but also our latest material finder MPA Info+ which is not generally offered for a standard 30-day evaluation.

Please, provide a little bit of information about yourself. To avoid extra inquiries, you may want to provide your working e-mail address (affiliated with your company/institution) in the registration form below avoiding using gmail/hotmail or similar third-party providers accounts. We will contact you shortly with available times and instructions on how to remotely evaluate Simphotek products.

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